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The region’s future economic prosperity and socio-political stability resides in setting the stage for sustainable business growth. Acceleration and sustainability will come, from the expansion of the core economy, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as large institutions entering new markets one step at a time, with the same concerns as SMEs (SME-likes). Despite the fact that this segment represents 40-60% of the local, regional and international economy, investors, governments and businesses have only recently started focusing on its importance in economic growth.

Migrate focuses on building a business knowledge support industry targeting this segment of the market to complement existing initiatives concerned with the development of SMEs and entrepreneurship. The development influenced by this support industry will attract additional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to aid in funding these initiatives; this in turn will translate into creating tangible jobs in the region resulting from the increase in regional trade and international investments.

We believe in the need to connect clients locally, regionally and internationally via similar platforms and processes to enable them to focus on their business development and growth. Migrate aims to connect our clients through our networking services to create opportunities and facilitate the preparation and execution required to bring initiatives to success.