• Your gateway to Middle East

    and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to high potential growth markets
  • Your access across Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach across the region
  • Your gateway beyond Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to more developed International markets


The Business Hub, your access to Migrate’s Corporate and Network Solutions, has been shaped by an understanding of our clients’ needs and desire to create a business environment that is unique to Migrate. The simplicity of our corporate atmosphere allows our clients to focus on their business development and growth.

With a platform tailored to SMEs and SME-likes, we create an environment that facilitates interaction amongst businesses in a way that motivates creativity and business drive. Every SME that joins our Business Hub is immediately part of a shared corporate environment, while still enjoying the private and proprietary benefits of a traditional business services company. This allows clients the opportunity to profit from the scale and experience of a large institution, easing their expansion into, throughout and beyond the region.

Through the regional consistency and standardization of the Business Hub, clients are easily connected throughout the region, multiplying their presence and strengthening their impact. As Migrate’s Regional footprint grows, clients enjoy easier entrance into markets and better access to government projects and initiatives. Clients can also maintain close communications with their home base while the Business Hub acts as their extension.

Migrate Clients are able to access this unique business environment through the various services offered by the Business Hub, allowing them, and us, to thrive together.