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Migrate started its pilot program in Jordan and is currently expanding regionally. Migrate’s services will be available at location throughout the region as well as on our virtual web-based platform that will be globally accessible.

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Geographic expansion into a new territory is typically associated with additional costs and risks. By choosing Migrate, clients can reduce these costs and risks and tap into a wealth of local Business Knowledge and Networking, granting them access to the resources essential for their operational success offered at internationally competitive standards.

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When you join any Migrate location, you are directly connected to a regional platform, allowing you to expand quickly and seamlessly into, throughout and beyond the region. We offer:

  • Turn key solutions: All the necessary support for businesses in one convenient platform.
  • Regional, International, and Investment Networks: help clients identify connections they need for business development and expansion efforts locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Consistent International Standard of Service: High quality products provided reliably throughout the region.
  • Strong social impact: job creation and employability training guarantees in every community.
  • Lower cost options due to variable and flexible packaging.

Migrate targets clients who need help alleviating the risk of expansion. These include:

  • Successful start-ups and entrepreneurs who require business support and which wish to minimize cost and focus on their core business development activities
  • SME’s which wish to expand their business and penetrate regional and international markets
  • International companies expanding in the region pursuing a SME-like attitude. These companies start small to test the feasibility of market penetration and then grow if successful, thus aiming for an approach of “one step at a time, one solution throughout.”
  • Large institutions wanting to penetrate the MENA region or upgrade current business operations.

Corporate Services:

  • Business Support: Providing high-quality support on areas including corporate office support, research, analysis and presentation preparation.
  • Financial and Reporting Services: Carrying out accounting, book-keeping and financial reporting operations to meet local requirements at international standards.
  • Corporate Affairs: Processing registration, licensing and legal permits as per local government regulations.
  • Human Resources: Execution of human resources duties and processes, satisfying clients’ employee-related needs on a full-time, temporary, or secondment basis.
  • Office and Infrastructure: Providing the physical requirements of a business on flexible terms, through physical and virtual offices, Information Communications and Technology (ICT), and transportation.

Network Services:

  • Investment Network: Connects clients to funding sources in the region, be it debt or equity as well as investment institutions seeking high-quality projects to fund.
  • Regional Network: Creates linkages between our clients and a broad network of partners and relative entities, allowing them to effectively expand their business reach throughout the region.
  • International Network: Builds relationships between the MENA region and the international communities enabling clients from any location to efficiently approach and penetrate markets in, throughout and beyond MENA.

While Migrate is a for-profit company, maintaining a strong social impact in the region is a core tenant of our business model. Migrate invites and actively works with Governments, NGOs and other Social and Geo-Political Initiatives to help each achieve their respective objectives through sustainable local economic growth. We offer the products that businesses need to expand into and throughout the region, while training local graduates to fill the resulting jobs. In this way, we are pairing FDI and job creation with on-the-job training. We believe that this combination is ultimately the most effective solution for having a strong social impact and triggering economic development in the region.

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Migrate is headed by local, regional and international professionals with strong links and base in the MENA. They have extensive experience in management of financial service operations, business management advisory, and corporate finance in top tier international firms.

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