• Your gateway to Middle East

    and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to high potential growth markets
  • Your access across Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach across the region
  • Your gateway beyond Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to more developed International markets

5. What are the specific services provided by Migrate?

Corporate Services:

  • Business Support: Providing high-quality support on areas including corporate office support, research, analysis and presentation preparation.
  • Financial and Reporting Services: Carrying out accounting, book-keeping and financial reporting operations to meet local requirements at international standards.
  • Corporate Affairs: Processing registration, licensing and legal permits as per local government regulations.
  • Human Resources: Execution of human resources duties and processes, satisfying clients’ employee-related needs on a full-time, temporary, or secondment basis.
  • Office and Infrastructure: Providing the physical requirements of a business on flexible terms, through physical and virtual offices, Information Communications and Technology (ICT), and transportation.

Network Services:

  • Investment Network: Connects clients to funding sources in the region, be it debt or equity as well as investment institutions seeking high-quality projects to fund.
  • Regional Network: Creates linkages between our clients and a broad network of partners and relative entities, allowing them to effectively expand their business reach throughout the region.
  • International Network: Builds relationships between the MENA region and the international communities enabling clients from any location to efficiently approach and penetrate markets in, throughout and beyond MENA.