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Migrate and AULE complete next stage of their joint venture in Irbid

3 December 2011 – Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2011, today Migrate and Al Urdonia Lil Ebda (AULE) announced that they have further formalized their Public Private Partnership (PPP) by establishing and operating a professional campus in Jordan. Migrate initiated the joint venture, based on its expertise in providing business knowledge and networking solutions essential for regional and international business expansion click to investigate. AULE contributes its access to Jordan’s leading research and education facilities, entrepreneurship initiatives and resources in the Irbid region.infolio-rg.ru

Migrate and AULE, who signed the initial Memorandum of Understanding earlier this year in May 2011, will focus on building and operating a professional campus which provides on-the-job training, facilities and operations for Business Process outsourcing (BPO) and facilitation of entrepreneurship, largely targeting small to mid-sized corporations. To accomplish this objective, Migrate and AULE will draw upon each partner’s core competencies in entrepreneurship support: Migrate’s expertise rests with providing a regional and international network of strategic partners and clients eager to expand their footprint in the MENA region. Typically these partners are small-to-mid-sized companies (SMEs) or larger, entrepreneurial-minded enterprises, ready to further roll-out their tested business model.berryjam.ru

Full press release (EN)

Full press release (Ar)