• Your gateway to Middle East

    and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to high potential growth markets
  • Your access across Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach across the region
  • Your gateway beyond Middle

    East and North Africa (MENA)

    Expand your reach to more developed International markets


Migrate’s Regional Network provides clients with access to a large pool of entities throughout the MENA region in order to aid their business expansion.

Our Regional Network joins clients to partner with private and public institutions, creating a platform interconnecting clients with strategic partners to maximize the utilization of overlapping resources, initiatives and mandates.

Services include:

  • Access to the Regional Network: Referring and formally introducing clients to the regional entities that can help expand their businesses. Connections will be industry and company-specific, and include potential partners, technical support, clients, financial support, projects, and government trade facilitation entities.
  • Preparation and Follow-Up: Carrying out all preparation including research, proposals, related correspondence, etc. Furthermore, following-up on connections made, ensuring the best possible impact.
  • Event Planning and Management: Organization of events such as trade visits, conferences, and forums.